Veteran’s History Project Brings 87,000 War Stories Home


Lisa Taylor could be like many government employees in Washington D.C. She’s up early this morning—heading to the office before most on the East Coast are even out of bed. Her desk, like countless others, is seated in a monolithic government building with tight security. Underground tunnels ferry her to and from other monolithic government Read More

Zvi Glaser was one of the first men in to Berlin in 1945. During World War II, he enlisted into the Red Army to escape the Latvian coal mines and became a member of the first platoon to find the remains of Adolf Hitler.Hear this veteran’s thoughts on ageism in 2013.

Ageism is Forcing Teachers into Early Retirement

Trudy Valentine is being forced into retirement from the university she spent 20 years working at near the Appalachian mountains.

Academia is supposed to be a world of respect and knowledge; a place where attaining knowledge and wisdom are regarded as the ultimate achievements. Recently, those values have started to change. Trudy Valentine spent the past 20 years of her life as a professor for a small Appalachian university. For 20 years—during which she garnered Read More

Former NBA Player Fights Age Back with “Insane” Workout


SAN DIEGO, CA- Julius Erving was caught off guard. He hung in the air, but this time Dr. J wasn’t flying in for another patented slam dunk—he was wondering how the crafty young Clippers forward had gotten past him. One second, the NBA Hall of Famer was rising to swat a shot, the next he Read More